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Заколебали Южноафриканские президенты международных корпораций.
Написал ответ (с левого емайла)

Dear John Radebe,

I will be glad to assist you in overcoming your difficulties, however due to poor market conditions I have to ask for a pre-payment of financial consulting fees in the amount of $2,374.57 ($296 per hour for 8 hours plus a franchise fee of $6.57). Given the amount at your disposal I am sure you will have no difficulties in sending this small pre-payment via PayPal to this email address.

Upon reception of the funds I will be glad to further assist you with your investment opportunities and provide all necessary support with your business.

Best regards,
John Karionaro
Financial services and Investments banker.

--- DR JOHN RADEBE <> wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I am a south African and a senior employee of the
> South African Mining Corporation presently
> overseeing
> the activities of the corporation in the east Africa
> Sub Region .
> By this correspondence, I am representing
> the interest of a group of investors, based in
> SouthAfrica.
> I am soliciting your assistance as a foreign partner
> to handle on our behalf an investment interest,
> which
> is to the tune of Twenty nine Million, Five Hundred
> Thousand United States Dollars (USD29.5M), for which
> anonymity on our part is of utmost importance until
> the conclusion of the transaction.
> In hope that you will be disposed to participate in
> the transaction for which our interest and yours
> shall
> be well protected as a matter of principle and
> good-will, I expect to hear promptly from you, to
> enable me provide you more details.
> Best wishes,
> Dr John Radebe

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