February 26th, 2005


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It is done!
80 bucks, two ladies, two hours of scrubbing/spraying/washing/cleaning/rubbing/trashingdumping stuff result in one one-bedroom apartment that looks like I was not living there for five+ years. Duh. So easy to erase almost all signs of my presence.
The magic of contemporary carpet industry is staggering. Carpet looked bad, really. But after several passes of industrial strength vacuum make it look brand spanking new. If it was not for indentations from the furniture it'd look completely new.
Oh well. Apartments are required to change carpet every five years anyways. Mine was overdue.
Found a stack of magazines from 2000. Like a vampire that has to count all seeds thrown at it, I had to go through all of them, ripping out address. Not going to help against identity theft, of course, but alas I feel a bit content.
Friday evening was driving to Austin. Was dead-tired and almost spacing out behind the wheel. When "off" intervals started exceeding 0.25 sec stopped, got me some "Monster" energy drink. Did not help. Spent half an hour driving with windows down and music turned all the way up. THEN half an hour later Monster kicked in. Feels like a humming bird on a hundred cups of coffee. Yay sorting, ripping old magazines and throwing things into trash.

Today is the last official day of my Austin address. Monday Debbie will look at my [almost] clean apartment and close off the lease.
During that time I will be in Galveston, attacking particularly nasty junction of Database, LDAP, Win Authentication and JSP. So.. no celebration for me. Though I still have half a bottle of single barrel JD left. But at least 5 boxes are still unpacked.

I feel Nostalgic already.
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