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Пришёл новый номер журнала BLENDER
На обложку посадили Pink :) Внутри -- крупная статья про неё, с фотками, включая фотку с бар-кодом (расшифровку я не нашёл. Похоже что код липовый :) Или это телефон)

Её Pop-Quiz!

Cats or Dogs?
T or A?
Lennon or McCartney?
Letterman or Leno?
If I say Leno, do I get all his cars and motorbikes?
Britney or Christina?
Boxers or briefs?
Boxers, every time.
Morning preson or night owl?
Night owl.
Paris or Nicky Hilton?
[Feigns retching] Paris, I guess, if I had no choice
Chicken or fish?
Fish, although I hate the smell. So chicken. No, fish.
Spit or swallow?
Oh. My. God. Ewwww! That's disgusting. I don't do that.
On top or on bottom?
On the bottom! Definitely! I am too lazy to go on top.
Starsky or Hutch?
Who? [After a brief explanation of the TV show] I was born in 1979, remember!
'N Sync or Backstreet?
'N Sync of course!
Jack or Kelly Osbourne?
Maxim or Stuff?
This is a difficult one. Stuff has always supported me, but Maxim is funny as shit. Can I say both?
Shave or wax?
Your place or mine?
Mine, naturally
Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?
No way! Neither, neither! Never, ever!
Black or white?
[Thinks for more than a minute] Pink!

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